Sandcastle house

Limestone rubble

The classic Fremantle heritage look, created using uncut stone hand selected from local quarries.

Sandstone feature


This product is used in a variety of ways from feature, rubble and structural walls to large commercial facades.

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Stonemasons Perth and Fremantle, Western Australia.

We have over 50 years combined experience in the stone construction industry and have refined our skills and applied them to all forms of stone construction & restoration. We can create anything you require in stone, such as house wall construction, arches, feature walls, screen walls, fences, pillars, fireplaces, water features, wine cellars and domes.

We are passionate about using stone that is sourced within Western Australia. One of our unique skills is and always has been our ability to use locally sourced stone to build solid stone structures that have the look and feel of real stonework and provide structural longevity. We are also happy to discuss using imported stone cladding and can provide a cladding install service that has the skill and experience of traditional stonemasonry.

Toodyay Stone

Western Australian quartzite laid horizontally, constructed in a variety of styles with or without mortar visible.
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Limestone rubble

The classic Fremantle Heritage look, created using uncut raw stone hand selected from various local quarries. Rubble is suitable for any form of construction and can be pointed (joints filled with mortar) in a variety of ways and colours, or the joints can be left unpointed to create a dry stone appearance. We specialise in using an ancient slip form method to construct solid rubble walls with elegant straight lines and sharp corners. Solid walls can be double faced and be various thicknesses.
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Limestone general

Creative Stone Construction has extensive expierence in all types of limestone block construction. A combination of blocks and any of the styles can be used to compliment your stone construction.
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Granite rubble

Rustic Western Australian granite, also called moss rock pointed finish or drystone. Adds a real rustic feel to any project.
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Donnybrook Sandstone

Suitable both indoors and outdoors, this product is used in a variety of ways from feature, rubble and structural walls to large commercial facades.
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Water features

The perfect addition to your home or garden, both indoors or out. Water features are built using the stone of your choice, using a variety of styles and techniques.
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This section shows photos and news from some of our favourite projects.
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